Theories That Make These Horror Movies Even Scarier

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  • Published on:  May 6, 2019
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    Nothing beats a great horror film. But fans have come up with plenty of theories that make some of your favorite horror movies even more horrific. These theories might just change everything. Are you ready?

    If you're looking for films with deep, hidden meanings, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre probably isn't on any list, no matter how long it is. But some believe it's actually an incredibly gory commentary on animal rights, the horrors of animal slaughter in the meat industry, and, ultimately, why you should probably give vegetarianism a chance.

    In case you've forgotten some of the details, the Sawyer family, which includes the infamous Leatherface, are actually from a long line of slaughterhouse operators. There's animal bones all over, after all, and you hear the sounds of animals almost constantly. One of the characters even describes just how animals are slaughtered, and when the Sawyer family finally sits down to a meal of people, they make animal noises at their final victim.

    PETA wrote about the movie being one of the biggest films ever made in support of vegetarianism, and even though you might not want to believe PETA, director Tobe Hooper even said that he stopped eating meat when they were filming.

    "In a way, I thought the heart of the film was about meat; it's about the chain of life and killing sentient beings, and it has cannibalism in it, although you have to come to that conclusion by yourself, because it's only implied."

    He goes on to say that Guillermo Del Toro went vegetarian after seeing the film, and if you can freak out the director of Pan's Labyrinth enough that he makes a major lifestyle change, we're guessing your mission was accomplished.

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