Milow - Howling At The Moon (Official Video)

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  • Published on:  Apr 8, 2016
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    Milow – “Howling At The Moon” from the album “Modern Heart”. Order here: Itunes | Amazon | Google Play or listen to the song on Spotify

    If you welcome change, you can truly grow.

    Milow recognized this while making his fifth full-length album, Modern Heart. Climbing
    uncharted creative peaks, he naturally progressed and embraced a host of unexpected,
    yet completely apropos and inspiring influences.

    “In terms of what I wanted to do, I saw things very clearly,” he affirms. “It’s such an
    eclectic time, and I realized any limitations I had regarding my music came from me and
    not the audience. So, I decided to dive in headfirst and expand my horizons and styles. I
    wanted to infuse elements of house music and alternative R&B and hip-hop production
    into my world with the acoustic guitar adding color. It was the most liberating thing. I
    knew as long as I stayed true to my instincts for melodies, lyrics, stories, and the way I
    sing, it would sound like me.”

    “Howling at the Moon” was the last song written and recorded for new album Modern
    Heart. “At the end of the summer of 2015, I felt like the album was missing something.
    That’s when I wrote it. “Howling at the Moon” gives the album a little more light, which I
    felt it needed. It just came to me. I wrote the music in Belgium, and finished the lyrics in
    L.A. It’s super simple, but it’s so much fun to sing. The producers add a touch of Europe.
    That rounds out the listening experience. It’s funny because most of these guys making
    tropical house are from countries like Norway, Germany or The Netherlands where it
    rains a lot. You can tell they’re just dreaming of palm trees and the sun.”


    Artist: Milow
    Label: Homerun Records
    Film Production Company:
    directed & produced by David Greenwood
    Director of Photography: Rik Zang
    Service Production Company: Kiss and Kill
    Line producer: Thomas Leisten Schneider
    Production coordinator: Aly Parker
    1st AC: Christian Armada
    DIT: Emory Abo
    Production designer : Claudius Bal
    Production assistant : Victor Osorio
    Editor: Carl Seiffarth
    First edit: Koen Timmerman
    Composer Opening Music: Pieterjan Maertens
    Sounddesign: Sonicville
    Image Post-production Facilities: The
    Post-production Supervisor: Jan Hameeuw
    Post-production Coordinator: Leslie Foubert
    Online Editor: Nick Fortemps
    Online Editor: Robin Van den Acker
    Colorgrading: Nick Fortemps
    VFX Supervisor: Herman Germeijs
    VFX: Miguel Guerrero

    Girl: Oriane Cabare
    Young Girl: Victoria Fisher
    Pick-up owner: Dino
    Motorcycle driver: Victor Osorio
    Cabrio driver: Sanni

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