Actors Who Died After Filming Horror Movies

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  • Published on:  Jul 30, 2018
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    Horror movies have a reputation for being unlucky, and some are even said to be "cursed," that's all cute to say, but when those curses lead to actual fatalities, it's not very "cutesy" anymore. It's never great when an actor passes away, but on the heels of a horror film the whole thing feels extra creepy…

    Dominique Dunne | #" onclick="*60+17);return false;">0:17
    Heather O'Rourke | #" onclick="*60+53);return false;">0:53
    Julian Beck | #" onclick="*60+34);return false;">1:34
    Jack MacGowran | #" onclick="*60+20);return false;">2:20
    Bela Lugosi | #" onclick="*60+05);return false;">3:05
    Aaliyah | #" onclick="*60+55);return false;">3:55

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